Island suffers as US-Cuba embargo continues to batter its people

Story by Hannah Bernstein and Ysabelle Kempe · HAVANA, Cuba — On Saturday nights, Havana sings. There’s side-stepping salsa, hip-grinding reggaetón and even fist-pumping American pop songs. Their rhythms combine and drift into the streets, floating over the heads of taxi drivers who wait eagerly for people stumbling around to find the next song of the... Continue Reading →

Small business owners navigate regulations of socialist country

Story by Riley Robinson ·  HAVANA, Cuba – Black hair falls away in feathery clumps as Roberto Caraballo Lopez navigates chrome-handled clippers around his client’s ear to the nape of his neck. His hands are sure. His grandfather was a barber. His father is a barber. But the difference three generations later is that Lopez owns... Continue Reading →

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