Our team at work

Jonathan Mejia (left) interviews a tour guide in Havana. Teaching assistant Danny Mortimer films.
Ysabelle Kempe interviews a member of Havana’s equestrian club.
Kaitlyn Budion interviews a participant at the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Havana.
Paxtyn Merten (far right) videos members of the Antique Car Club of Cuba.
Annina Hare interviews an artist in Fusterland mosaic town.
Sofia Bergmann interviews an artist in her studio.
Tiffany Montagne (left) interviews an artist in his studio.
Hannah Bernstein interviews a sociologist about gender roles in Cuba. Jonathan Mejia (center) translates.
Harshita Himatsinga interviews a dancer.
Alejandro Serrano interviews a champion rower for a profile.
Alejandro Castro-Fernandez interviews a taxi driver.
Emily Arntsen interviews an artist for an audio story.
Riley Robinson shows a photo to her subject.
José Da Silva (center) interviews a surfer in his home. Alejandro Castro-Fernandez (left) translates.

Zach Ben-Amots and Alejandro Serrano interview a subject at Cuba’s national music studio.
Christian Triunfo interviews a pigeon expert in Havana.
Irvin Zhang (second from left) interviews members of the Muslim community. Alejandro Castro-Fernandez (second from right) translates.
Milton Posner (right, standing) interviews a musical instrument repairman.

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